Recognized industry wide, Marc has carved out a niche in the news market by capturing rarely seen before footage of Los Angeles’ wildlife. Marc’s breath-taking images of mountain lions and bears have been seen on countless TV shows and documentaries around the world.

After his brothers Howard and Austin moved to the U.S. He would make frequent visits, and together they continued the tradition of listening to the drama unfold on the scanners until one day they discovered they could transform their hobby into a business.Ever since, Marc has been hooked. He says “I love the danger. It’s not normal to like danger, but I do.” Never leaving his camera behind, Marc says, “I’ll take my camera and scanner everywhere. You never know what could happen.”

Marc is fully prepared to go on extensive and challenging shoots and utilizes new technologies to maximize his success. To see more of Marc’s amazing animal videos click here.  These clips are available for licensing in the RMG News video library. To sign up for an account please register here.