Marc Raishbrook

MarcFollowing his older twin brothers, Howard and Austin, Marc, is both the dispatcher and stringer for RMG News. His job is to listen to police scanners, careful not to miss breaking news, and dispatch assignments to the other stringers.

Since living in their flat in England, the three brothers have listened to police calls, enjoying the drama and excitement. After Howard and Austin moved to the U.S. Marc would make frequent visits, and together they continued the tradition of listening to the drama unfold on the scanners until one day they discovered they could transform their hobby into a business.

Ever since, Marc has been hooked. “My favourite part is trying to get in front of a pursuit to get an amazing shot” he says. “I love the danger. It’s not normal to like danger, but I do.” Never leaving his camera behind, Marc says, “I’ll take my camera and scanner everywhere. You never know what could happen.”

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