Our Story

DBM/JCELABased in Los Angeles, California, RMG News delivers high octane, breaking news footage to television and cable networks across the globe. From the mean streets of one of the largest and most dangerous cities in the world they capture the unimaginable scenes left behind by gang violence, drug warfare and inner city life.

They supply the world’s mainstream media outlets with adrenaline-filled, breaking news footage on a daily basis. A small example of their clientele includes Fox News, CBS, NBC, ABC and the Spike Television network. With over 10 years in the profession their ever-growing archive contains some of the most nail-biting footage available.

Heading the RMG News team are British brothers Austin, Howard and Marc Raishbrook, all professionals in the field for over 15 years. Howard started his career in TV and film and has since become an accomplished producer.  Austin, a trained photographer and certified Cinematographer has worked on documentaries and commercials throughout the world.  Since the brothers were young boys growing up near Stonehenge in the English countryside, they have been interested in ‘Cops’ reality-style content. Living in rural England was not the excitement these brothers were looking for, so with an opportunity to come to the city of Los Angeles in 1995, the trio’s quest was to begin.

Armed with video cameras, a $100 police scanner, and a map, they ventured out on their own, cruising the roads as if they were their own. They are now three of the most successful cameramen in their field, and have gained the respect of industry professionals and the other madmen who survive in this crazy vocation. “Never knowing what we could get ourselves into gives us the adrenaline we need, we’ve been shot at, chased by gang members and threatened with our lives, but we still have to document what goes on down there”, Howard says.

“The way we work is unique”, says Austin, the younger twin by just 6 minutes. “Being able to know what each other is thinking gives us that edge; we arrive at the scene faster and cover different angles. We have to out-think our competition and being on the same wavelength allows us to do that.”

A magazine reporter is quoted as saying, “The Raishbrook brothers are as laid back as they come but as the chase approaches they take on a totally different persona.” “We argue with a passion if something goes wrong on a call” says Howard. “We really are very different people out there.” From car chases to shootings, burning buildings to riots and in fact any event to which your local police and fire department would respond, they are there, often arriving on scene before them.

These images are not pretty, but the stories around the scene can be very heartfelt and compassionate. Their goal is to give an understanding of the courage and heroism that surrounds the life-threatening situations that the police and fire departments come up against, with an understanding of how the viewer could learn from someone else’s mistake and therefore make better choices for their own wellbeing.

RMG News is a division of Raishbrook Media Group, LLC, based in Los Angeles, California.