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For general, commercial or media enquiries you can easily get in touch with us by emailing newsdesk@rmgnews.com. We will endeavor to respond to your query at the earliest opportunity.

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Do you have a breaking news tip? Who do you call if you capture news on tape?

Think about it. With billions of video cameras around the world, news is always being caught on tape and here at RMG News we understand that monetizing this content has been the bane of budding journalists for years.

If you've captured a shoot-out on tape, a crash that ties up the morning commute or just bears in your backyard, fill out the form to the left and one of the RMG News team will get back to you shortly.

Want To Join The Team?

We are always seeking dynamic individuals, so whether you’re a seasoned stringer or just out of school with a thirst for news, we can market, distribute and monetize your content to local, national and international TV and cross-platform media outlets.

By targeting clients across the world, from small, local TV channels and their websites to cable news networks and large production companies, RMG News will find and target the correct market for your footage.

Streamlining the connection between news gatherers and media outlets, RMG News provides an advanced upload, data delivery and notification system that allows clients to download video as soon as it hits our system.  By using the RMG News platform your clips can be seen by clients across the world within minutes of being captured.

If you feel you have what it takes to join our network of top freelance contributors just fill out the form to the left and one of the RMG News team will contact you shortly.  We are currently accepting applications from all locations.