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Based in Los Angeles, California, RMG News delivers high octane, breaking news footage to television and cable networks across the globe.  From the mean streets of one of the largest and most dangerous cities in the world we capture the unimaginable scenes left behind by gang violence, drug warfare and inner city life.  We supply the world’s mainstream media outlets with adrenaline-filled, breaking news footage on a daily basis and with over 10 years in the profession our ever-growing archive contains some of the most nail-biting footage available.  A small example of our clientele includes Fox News, CBS, NBC, ABC and the Spike Television network.

With currently over 400 hours of raw news footage, digitized, key-worded and edited into over 2000 clips in 18 different categories we boast the largest and most frequently updated raw news archive in the US.  Check out our demo reel here!

We Offer Content Purchasers:

  • A viewing and browsing platform that is easy to use and is divided into 18 categories.
  • Digitized clips ready for broadcast, ideal for TV News and cross-platform media.
  • Sourcing and research services to help locate your desired clips.
  • Camera crews at the ready for breaking news assignments.
  • A media request service that can locate 911 calls, Dashcam and CCTV footage.
  • An ever-growing archive that currently houses over 400 hours of extreme news footage.

If you would like access to download the latest video clips click here to sign up for an account.

We Offer Content Gatherers:

  • A free account to upload your new or archived clips, while retaining your branding.
  • Online archiving that allows your videos to sell again and again.
  • An user friendly website offering your clients a simple-to-use viewing and browsing platform
  • An archiving and digitizing service to help monetize your old, archived clips.

If you have a news clip to sell click here to sign up for an account.

If you would like to upload your daily or archived news content click here to sign up for an account.


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